Monday, February 12, 2007

The Jamestown Society

Today I had the pleasure of listening to a member of the Jamestown Society speak about the settlement at Jamestown Virginia. It was the first enduring settlement of Engish speaking peoples in America. 104 English explorers between the ages of 27 -57, traveled on 3 small ships for a four month long ocean voyage and landed on the wild,marshy peninsula. It was 13 years before the Mayflower would cross the sea to the New Land. The settlers faced the harsh mosquito infested terrain with determination and enterprising spirit. The Jamestown Society seeks to record all living descendents of these pioneers. It is dedicated to historical, patriotic and educational purposes. If you had relatives in Jamestown in 1607-1700, you might qualify for this lineage society. Below are some links to learn more about Jamestown and other links with Jamestown Genealogy information.
Historic Jamestowne;
Jamestown Settlement, ;
For updates on the 400th anniversary events, go to
COLONIAL Time Travelers:
Jamestown Archeology:
Tourist eye view of Jamestown:
Colonial Williamsburg,
Colonial National Historical Park, 757 898-3400;
Yorktown Victory Center, ONE OF THE BEST SITES:
Museum of Essex Co VA., History ofJamestown,
Virginia Cemeteries: Colonial Ancestors Site:
VA. Historical Society
Virginia Tombstones
Fairfax Co. VA SITE
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